Our Mission Statement

The A27 Clean Up Campaign has been formed to press for the A27 to be kept free of litter, industrial and plastic waste and redundant signage so that the road looks clean, well maintained and does not present a growing environmental hazard.

The Key Issues We Will Be Addressing

  • Major sections of the road are strewn with plastic, industrial waste, general litter and redundant highways equipment all of which blights the attractiveness of the area and creates an extremely negative impression on its many users and visitors.
  • Long-term neglect is also storing environment hazard for wildlife and watercourses with plastic and other harmful refuse compacting and degrading along roadsides.
  • The A27 passes through a number of County Council, District and City Council areas each of which have differing policies, priorities, practices and resources for cleaning and removing litter from the highway. Stretches of the road also pass through the South Downs National Park.
  • A-one+ tries to co-ordinate maintenance road closures to give local authorities simultaneous access for litter clearance.  However, such access is difficult for local authorities to plan and resource as it sometimes involves nightwork and work programmes can change at short notice.
  • Otherwise, local authorities are charged by Highways England’s contractor for road closures to enable litter picking at significant expense. As a consequence, some local authorities do not clear litter, even on an annual basis. This means those authorities are in breach of their statutory duties.
  • The duty can only be complied with if cleaning takes place on a regular basis and isolated spillages are dealt with promptly.
  • There is an apparent lack of quality assurance or control over Highways England’s contractors who abandon (publicly funded) equipment and temporary signage and do not always co-ordinate well with the local authorities over road closures (for which they are responsible).
  • The A27 is the only east/west trunk road south of the M25.  It is a national rather than a local asset and it is absurd that each poorly equipped local authority should have to keep it clean and be charged for so doing. The system whereby one body cuts the grass and another removes the litter is highly inefficient and leads to shredding of litter before it can be picked up, making matters even more difficult.